Chamorro (Guamanian) and Japanese veterans of the
invasion of Guam Dec 10, 1941 meet in fellowship for
the first time since WWII on Dec 9, 1991 at the
Governor's dinner reception in Hagatna, Guam.
(newspaper article)


Pedro Cruz, member Insular Force Guard in 1941 and
defender of Guam meets member of Japanese invading
forces at moving ceremony at Mangilao Peace Memorial.
Moments later their comrads joined them.
(newspaper article)


Pedro Cruz with Annette Donner at Peace Memorial
ceremony at 50th anniversary of Invasion of Guam by
Japanese forces.


Multi-media archive coordinator for the governor's
50th anniversary invasion commemoration, Annette
Donner, writer, producer of Guam’s Liberation, directs
a cameraman at Sumay Village. Cameramen and reporters
gathered oral histories from Sumay elders for an
invasion commemoration documentary.

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