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Guam’s Liberation is the story of an island people and their astonishing spirit…toward life, adversity and captivity.

You will see and hear how the Chamorros of Guam lived for the ideal of American Freedom… and hear how some gave their lives for it...when not even American citizens.

In Guam’s Liberation you will see how the heroic efforts of the American military on the bloody invasion beaches of WWII Guam secured a permanent place in the hearts of the Chamorro people.

Guam’s history from pre-war Guam to the events of WWII comes brilliantly alive through the use of archival film and historic photographs interwoven with extraordinary interviews of those who lived the history.

Glimpse Guam’s pre-contact “before-time” culture and the tranquil island life of the early 1900s.

Be swept along by world events as overnight Chamorro life and island innocence is threatened.

In Guam’s Liberation hear personal accounts of face-to-face combat defense by a few brave Chamorros against hundreds of heavily armed soldiers of the Japanese Imperial Army.

Marvel at the courage and resourcefulness of a now captive people surviving years of brutal occupation…yet always loyal to Uncle Sam.

Feel their anguish as these helpless captives are herded into jungle concentration camps but still prayed for the safety of the American military liberators fighting against heavy Japanese artillery fire.

Experience the tears of gratitude in the eyes of the diminutive Chamorro grandmother as she looks up at the tall Marine liberating her from danger and squalid conditions.

Come to the realization that to an elder Chamorro, every Marine is a Hero.


Guam’s Liberation has four segments that span Guam’s history:

Prewar Guam:

  • Pre-contact and Spanish history through 1898
  • Life in the tranquil prewar 1930s under American administration

Invasion 1941

  • Bravery and courage during the surprise Japanese attack

Occupation 1942-44:

  • The confusion, terror and survival of the years of Japanese occupation


Liberation 1944:

  • Events surrounding the joyous moments of liberation by American Forces in 1944


About the Producer

Annette Donner adopted Guam as her home in 1974, raised her two children island-style with adventures on land and in their backyard ocean, reported the news broadcast-style for years then began writing and producing videos documentaries to tell the untold history of Guam. Today she delves into whatever projects offer her the opportunity to promote her beloved island. She shares her modest beach home overlooking the ocean with three boonie dogs, two cats, and the occasional Brown Tree Snake. She loves for the grandkiddies to come a-visiting to giggle stories in the hammock and walk the beach for shells.

Some of the information on this website was obtained from various Guam sources. We have offered credit as we were able. Please see our "Links" page to find more information about Guam.


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